About ELTA

Published 08 February, 2022, 05:14:39 PM

English Lecturers and Teachers association (ELTA) is a non-governmental, non-profit association of lecturers and teachers of English in Indonesia, published in Indonesia and legalized by the ministry of Human Right and Law (KEMENHUMHAM) NO. AHU-0008624.AH.01.07.2021, dated on 16th July 2021. 

ELTA brings together  English Lecturers and teachers, working in higher education and college as well as university, language schools, students of English, all language professionals, and professionals to be interested in ensuring excellence in English language teaching.



ELTA Advisors :

Prof.Dr.Himpun Panggabean.,M.Hum

Prof.Dr. Milisi Sembiring.,M.Hum

Prof Drs.Dr.Efendi Barus .MA

Elta President :

Prof. Dr. Sondang Manik,M.Hum.


International Coordinators

Edi Suprayetno,M.Pd.

Jonris Tampubolon,M.Pd.

Jontra Jusat Panggaribuan,M.Pd.


Marice Saragih ,M.Pd



Meilyna Girsang,S.Pd.M.Pd

Board Members

Fernando De Napoli Marpaung,SS.,M.Pd,

Imam Rangga Bakti,M.Kom.

Friscilla Sembiring,M.Pd.

Jernih Donda Sinurat,S.Pd.,M.Pd.

Dameria Ginting,S.Pd.M.Pd.

Desmalia Purba,S.Pd.,M.Pd



In order to reach out to English lecturers and teachers all over the world, ELTA has set up a network of International ambassadors. If you want to get involved in ELTA’s activities and/or be informed about ELTA workshops and seminars in your neighborhood on a regular basis, please contact an International ambassador in your area. They will be happy to answer all your questions.



ELTA Constitution

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